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We transport your pet anywhere in the world.
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experts on transfer of
exotic animals

Except for dogs and cats... Do you need to make a transport FROM Argentina? Guinea pigs, ferrets, horses, iguanas, rabbits, among others. Enter the section and clear all your doubts.

about us

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the international transport of pets. We were founded in 2014 with origin in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From our beginnings to the present, we have been able to deliver more than 500 pets, making thousands of people happy.

We consider ourselves animal lovers, and we do our jobs responsibly and with great effort. The fact of arriving at an airport and seeing a whole family with the emotion and desire to have their pet in their hands is something that fills our hearts with love, motivates us and makes us feel proud.

Our values

What makes us different?


We believe that the fact of having successfully delivered pets for 8 years allows us to affirm that we have sufficient and necessary experience for this service, from logistical and legal issues, to small details in order that your pet have an excellent trip.


In the same way that we are 100% committed to the pets we deliver, we also do so with each of their families. We do our best to keep them calm and safe. We communicate with them before, during, and after each trip.


Last but not least, we consider ourselves loyal lovers of all animals, whether they are breeds or not. For this reason, for us each of the deliveries we make is not just another trip, but rather represents a unique moment that fills our souls with happiness.

Where do we travel regularly?

Regular destinations

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Generally, we made these transfers monthly. Those from Europe and the USA are by plane both accompanied and by cargo. Trips to and from Brazil are by land (ask us to find out how this service works).

What other places do we travel to?

Trips already scheduled

Right now we have no trips planned. When we schedule one we will post it right here.

Anyway, we remind you that we can organize a trip only with your pet, without the need for a scheduled trip. Also, check our regular destinations!

We show you which are the next trips already scheduled. Contact us if you are interested in moving your pet in one of them.

Chat with us via WhatsApp and clear up your doubts!

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how do we work?

How is the transport of your pet?

We know the responsibility that falls on us when you give us your pet, and for this reason it is very important that you know how we work.

In this section we tell you all the details about our way of working, the services we offer, and much more.

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What do we offer?

Our services

Per load

Your pet will travel in a place specially prepared for it in the hold of the plane, unaccompanied.

With companion

Your pet will travel in the cabin of the plane, along with the rest of the passengers, with a person who will accompany it at all times.


You can choose the advice and assistance service

Trámites para un vuelo

Do you want to travel on your own but do not know or do not want to do all the paperwork and preparations?

With this service we take care of everything, you just have to be ready to travel with your pet.


We are experts in the transfer of exotic animals

Do you need an international transport from Argentina of an animal other than a dog or a cat?

Discover all the exotic animals we transport and clear your doubts.


Happy families

There are already many families who trusted us to transport their pets, and decided to share their happiness with us. We show you some of them, but click the button below to meet them all!

Ignacio & Dante

Argentina - Spain
january 2024

Carolina & Yokia

Argentina - Belgium
november 2023

Damián & Morita

Argentina - Spain
november 2023